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Last Day of Camp Tomorrow :(


Today was a super fun day because we got our slip and slide a day early!  It was also Earth Day in the lower groups. Kids learned about keeping the Earth clean and respecting the environment.    Tomorrow is the saddest day of the year....the last day of camp.  It is also one of the most fun days of camp which makes it so hard to say goodbye!!! Tomorrow's theme is The Best of P.D.C 2016!!  We have events circling around all of the popular activities the kids loved the most this season.  In the...

Hot Days Ahead!


Today was a rainy day, but we still had tons of fun dancing and playing in the rain.   Have you seen the forecast for the next few days? It's going to be a SCORCHER!    Weathermen have said that it could hit 96 degrees tomorrow.  To stay cool we will be having extra long free swims, water related activities, and playing in the upper camp where it's always cooler in the woods.   Please provide your campers with sunscreen. Also swim shirts help prevent sun exposure while in the water for long...

Welcome to Session 4!


Welcome to Session 4!  We can't believe how fast the summer is going.  We have so many great activities to look forward to this session.  Check back here for updates or information.  A couple of reminders: If you ever need to do an early pickup from camp, please email the office so we can have your child at the office in a timely manner.  We do not do pickups after 3 for parking lot safety reasons. Friday's if you would like to pickup early please pickup before 12 and or after 1PM.  Always put...

Cookout Friday and Weather :)


Reminder that tomorrow is cookout! We will have burgers, hot dogs, chips, salad, and sundaes in the afternoon.  There is also a chance of showers tomorrow. At PDC we try to stay outside even if there is a little rain so make sure you provide your child with some rain gear or extra clothes just in case! If there is thunder  or lightening all activities will be moved indoors!  Reminder that on Fridays if you are doing early pickup, you must pick-up before 12 or after 1 PM.  Please call the office...

Online Camp Stores


Just a friendly reminder for staff and camp families that we have two camp stores.   The first store is in affiliation with Tuga Swimwear.  Easy fit rash guards made from lightweight, quick-drying, and 4-way stretch fabrics. Even more important, all shirts offer UPF 50+ sun protection.  The camp code is: S8F7E . https://www.tugasunwear.com/camps The second store is with SSA apparel.  If you want to wear that PDC pride head on over to the store for sweatshirts, t-shirts, water bottles, bags, ...

Welcome to Session 3!!


Welcome to Session 3!   We have reached our half way point of the summer.  Time flies so fast.  This week looks to be super hot so we are going to have a lot of water activities to keep everyone cool.  We brought out our giant slip and slides and we will be having extra long free swims in the afternoon.  Sunscreen is super important while the kids are out playing in the sun.  Water shirts and hats can help prevent overexposure of the sun.   Here are the calendars for this session.   Calendar ...

Friday Special Day Schedule!


Friday July 21st is Carnival Day and Cookout!   No need to bring a lunch.  We will have burgers, hotdogs, and sundaes in the afternoon!  We also have fun treats at carnival.   Carnival and Play Schedule 9:15- 10:30 - Carnival -Pilgrim, Birch, Pine, Maple, White, Rocky                       Swim - Plymouth, Block, Quarry, Banner, Shady, Badger, Senior 10:45- 12:00 - Switch! 12:00 - 12:45 - Lunch at Your Site (no early dismissals at this time) 12:45 - 1:30 -  PDC Productions Play -  Some ...

Week 4


Welcome to Week 4 ! We can't believe this is the half way week of the summer.  We have great things planned including some special days and Carnival! Tomorrow, Wednesday July 20th is Tie Dye day for Plymouth, Pilgrim, and Block.  We will be doing it both in the morning and afternoon for kids that might be doing half days.  If you would like your child to participate, please provide them with a white t-shirt, sock, pillowcase, etc. to tie dye.  We have a limited amount of white PDC t-shirts for ...

Welcome to Session 2


Unit Schedule, Special Day Calendars, and Enrichment!

Heat Wave & Red, White, and Blue Day


Message from the nurse about sun protection and Red, White, and Blue Day announcement!

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